Duplex Architectural Designs


Dvyne’s specialist designers are connoisseurs in creating premium duplexes which are unique in both their structural integrity and character. Duplexes are traditionally designed as a singular body of two dwellings which can often feel relatively dense and confined. Our duplex  specialists implement over 20 years of experience to design duplexes which are modernistic and graceful in style.

Our designers also recognize the importance of constructing a design which considers the privacy needed in the designing of a duplex, and executes attention to detail in implementing a design which fulfills this measure.

Granny Flats

We understand the logistics and detail which is required in designing a unique and homely granny flat. Our team at Dvyne aims to deliver seamless execution and a new home which reflects your vision. Granny flats are commonly depicted as an addition to a home, whereas we aim to reinvent the wheel and create a space which can be uniquely yours to call home. The construction of a granny flat also allows for investment opportunities, additional family accommodation and assistance to help ease mortgage stress. Our team can assist with designing different types and sizes of granny flats to suit any block of land.

Granny Flat Designer
House Designers


Designing a commercial space is an important role which requires attention to detail and precise planning. Our expert team of commercial designers have the correct qualifications and tools to design open areas for commercial use. With strategic planning and a design brief to suit your needs, our design team will ensure a comprehensively devised commercial space.

New Homes

At Dvyne, our expert team understands the significance of timely, classy and homely designs. We also recognize the huge leap from knocking down to rebuilding your home, therefore we work at an industry expert level to bring you successful solutions. Functionality is integral in placing together the foundations of a home design. Both functionality and aesthetics drive Dvyne to compose building design results for your home, while delivering cost-effective solutions along the way.

Home Architects Sydney
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Apartment living is the new way of living. The Dvyne Design team specialises in constructing units which are unique in terms of their interior and exterior structural properties. Our units take on a stylish, avant-garde angle to the universally acknowledged perception of units.  Our team can assist with maximising the potential yield for all apartment developments to make each development feasible.

Alterations & Additions

Many families opt for alterations and additions as their household occupants expand. If this is a solution which suits your needs, a member of our team can meet you at your home for discussion regarding the potential of your home. Whether a small or larger home renovation is required, our renovation designer can assist in the redesign of your home to maximise space and cater for your family needs.