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Dvyne is one of Sydney’s leading building design businesses with around 20 years of expertise in the residential and commercial designing or construction industry.

The company is composed of well-trained and licensed professionals capable of designing a unique, aesthetic and practical home for your needs. We are committed to turning extra or vacant spaces into modern, sustainable and well-valued residential or commercial units.

One of our team’s expertise is providing our clients with industry-standard modern duplex architectural designs. We have satisfied numerous clients in recent years who have requested customised duplex house plans. No matter the size of your lot, Dvyne can help you develop the most suitable design duplex plans that are aesthetically pleasing, fully functional, cost-efficient and will increase the value of your property. We strive for customer satisfaction, with the primary goal of designing stylish, inviting and most of all comfortable places to live in.

Modern Duplex Architectural Designs

Duplex Designers

Our crew are composed of reliable designers and the leading duplex designers Sydney can have. With decades of experience and understanding, our duplex designers understand clients’ needs. They are hands-on in every project and will be there with you every step of the way. Meanwhile, our duplex designers are experts in strategising finishing touches, colours and materials that can be added to your preferred home.


Modern Duplex Architectural Designs

Known for delivering excellent, outstanding and timely completed projects in the architecture industry, Dvyne prides itself in offering different services aside from duplexes. These include granny flats, new homes, units, commercial spaces and even improvements or alterations to your existing home. We guarantee you that every design is up to your satisfaction, budget and property.


Contact our team and discuss how we can help you turn your dream project into reality. Our hotline is accessible during business hours and you can reach us through email after hours. You can also sit down with our designers and staff at our office located in Shop 1, 23-27 Paton St, Merrylands West.

Duplex Architect Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions

A duplex is a two separate residential unit occupying the same property structure. On the other hand, apartments are residential units that are found in a complex property. Duplexes are also usually owned by a single individual, while apartments are owned by groups like corporations.

The timeframe for completing duplex apartments vary from different factors such as project size, weather conditions, complexity and materials used. However, as for the designing part, Dvyne’s skilled, professional and knowledgeable architects and designers guarantee our clients’ timely completion. The project’s timeline will be discussed and agreed upon in the early phase or during the consultation and conceptualisation stage.  

Being in the industry for 20 years now, we understand that no same design will suit two projects. Hence, our designers are experts and well-trained in customising duplex house plans based on each client’s requests and needs. Dvyne portfolio and designs can also be updated from time to time as our staff will be in touch with you throughout the project.

We have been in the business for a long time now. Client satisfaction is our priority. Rest assured that our crew will deliver industry-standard results that also meet or even excel your expectations. We review our package costs from time to time to ensure that our prices are competitive in the market. 

In addition to duplexes, the Dvyne team specialises in crafting unique commercial and residential units such as offices, granny flats, townhouses and even new homes! In addition to these services, Dvyne also offers a wide range of improvements and different styles of minimalism alterations or renovation to suit your style.