Granny Flat Designer

Are you planning to improve, expand or add an extra room to your new home? Dvyne is here to help you maximise every available land and space in your place. 

Dvyne’s well-planned, high quality and designed granny flats may be just what you need.

As Sydney’s leading granny flat designer, our team is dedicated to crafting unique, aesthetic and practical designs that will exceed your expectations. Our team has in-house specialists and designers that have successfully created a wide-range, broad and extensive series of sensible, elegant, sustainable and modern designs through the years. Composed of professional and experienced granny flat designers, Dvyne guarantees our clients timely completion of projects.

Granny Flat Designer

Granny Flat Designers

Being in the industry for several years now, our granny flat designer can provide various industry-standard design options for you. Dvyne will provide customised and personalised designs based on our clients’ needs, whether a traditional detached granny flat or a two-bedroom attached dwelling. Our services are not limited to granny flats. We are also known for designing complex projects like duplexes, studio units and even other simple dwellings that clients can use as additional income channels.

Architecturally Designed Granny Flats

With 20 years of home building design experience, we ensure that we deliver architecturally designed granny flats that will increase your property’s value. Our dependable, experienced and designers will turn your free spaces into a new comfortable and cost-efficient housing unit. 

We take pride in completing projects that satisfy our client requests and standards. On top of new constructions, we are also experts in stylish home improvements and alterations.

Our portfolio page features our recent completed design projects. Get in touch and consult with our team. Call 9637 1111 or visit us at Shop 1, 23-27 Paton St, Merrylands West.

Architecturally Designed Granny Flats

Frequently Asked Questions

The maximum size of granny flats to construct is 60sqm. We recommend having a consultation with us to discuss the zoning policy in your area and ensure that your property complies with your town’s policy.

The timeframe for completing duplex apartments vary from different factors such as project size, weather conditions, complexity and materials used. However, as for the designing part, Dvyne’s skilled, professional and knowledgeable architects and designers guarantee our clients’ timely completion. The project’s timeline will be discussed and agreed upon in the early phase or during the consultation and conceptualisation stage.  

Of course. Your concept is the basis of our designs. Our designers may recommend colour and material suggestions based on what they think are the most cost-efficient, safest and suitable to your design. However, we leave the final decision to our clients. These are all discussed in our consultation and the team is well-trained to help you come up with the decisions that will work best for you.

The completion time of the project varies from one project to another. Several other factors affect the time frame, such as the complexity of the project. However, rest assured that no matter how simple or complex the project is, our licensed and expert team are committed to an agreed timeline. They will deliver the completed project on time.

Yes we do. Dvyne has been in the industry for twenty years now and we are experts in personalised designs. Our team can customise your granny flat with wheelchair access, security systems and other specific requirements, which can assist the residents to live comfortably.