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Having a house is more than just having a shelter from the warm or cold weather. A home is a place of comfort, security and relaxation for you and your family.

It should be the one place that you look forward to after a tiring day at work or at school. To make your place more comfortable and pleasing to live in, renovations may be needed at times. You might be surprised at how a simple alteration or addition can overhaul the ambiance of your home. This is where the Dvyne team can help you. With more than 20 years of serving property owners in Sydney, our company houses experienced and competent staff including a home remodeling designer and a home extension designer to help you have your dream home. We offer topnotch and industry standard services as every staff in our team is qualified and has spent years designing new homes and improving houses in the city. No matter how simple or complex your home alteration and addition request is, you can depend on us since our top priority is providing your family’s household design and comfort needs.

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Home Remodeling Designer

Being one of the leading remodeling designer companies in Sydney, Dvyne specialises in every home improvement or alteration that you need. Whether it is just a simple expansion of your kitchen and bathroom or addition of stylish granny flats outside your primary residence, then we can provide you the best house renovation designer that you need. Our team takes pride in offering hassle-free services as we will be with you from the planning stage up to the completion of the project.

Designer for Home Renovation

Our alteration and addition services cover both exterior and interior design of residential and commercial properties. Whether you prefer the traditional or modern style, we ensure that we will maximise and make every space of the project economical and cost-efficient in the long run.

For your reference, you can check out our Portfolio page for the projects that we have completed. If you are in search of the best designer for home renovation and a reliable team to redesign house and other properties, contact us at 9637 1111 and we are happy to sit down and discuss the project with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dvyne focuses on building relationships with clients. All our projects start with conversations with clients to see their new home or home renovation plans. This conversation is free of charge. If our clients decide to push through with us, our team will arrange a meeting with you and provide you a cost analysis based on your goals. From then, you can discuss the timeline and budget for the project which include the design fees for our team.

Our company specialises in Building Design. However, based on our more than 20 years of experience in the industry, some contractors prefer winter to be the best time to conduct and finish interior remodelings. However, if your project requires home addition like construction new granny flats outside your home, then the best season is late summer or spring.

We have worked with a lot of topnotch contractors in the city including Briklane Co., Sydney Build Managements P/L and Gforce Developments who can attest to the high quality projects that we have delivered in the past 20 years. We employ qualified and competent home renovation designers to ensure that we provide industry-standard service as well as meet or exceed the expectations of our clients no matter how small or massive the project is.

Our home renovation designers are experts in this field. They are knowledgeable with offering minimalist and stylish renovations that will make your place more comfortable and sustainable to live in. Our designs cover wide-range of interior improvements- from kitchen or living room improvements to entire home overhaul. We also cover exterior alterations and additions such as expansion of the garage or construction of a new cabin outside your primary home.

In addition to home improvements and additions, Dvyne’s team is an expert in designing premium and classy duplexes with industry-standard structural integrity and character. We also specialise in designing new homes and granny flats to offer additional family space or investment opportunities to increase your property’s value. Above all, Dvyne is one of the leading companies in designing commercial spaces. Our team has the experience and spot on qualifications to ensure that we design the space that your family needs.