Updated Planning Proposal for New Cumberland Local Environmental Plan

Planning proposal for new Cumberland LEP

An updated planning proposal has been prepared following public exhibition, consideration of submissions and further review by Council officers.

The key objectives and intended outcomes of the planning proposal for the new Cumberland LEP include:

  • Harmonising existing planning controls into a single planning framework
  • A consistent minimum lot size for dual occupancy development in Cumberland
  • Targeted changes to planning controls at selected locations, including Auburn Town Centre, Lidcombe Town Centre, Parramatta Road Corridor, Woodville Road Corridor, and government owned sites. 
  • New Cumberland Heritage List, with the proposed delisting of nine heritage items that no longer meet the NSW heritage criteria for assessing significance.
  • Consistent planning approach for specific land use, including places of public worship and sex services premises.

Where no changes are proposed, the existing planning controls will carry over into the new planning controls for Cumberland City.